Ceracolla Super Moisture Lotion 180Ml

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A rich lotion such as a beauty essence. Can provide a deep moisture that adheres on the skin. Recommended for dry skin. Super hydrated kind which moisturizes really dried out skin deeply. Gives the skin firmness and moisture and enhances the barrier function. Make the skin firmness of yours and moisture. Ceramide as well as collagen skin treatment that enhances the barrier function. Look at the dry skin of contemporary females and focus on ceramide, which has been attracting interest in recent years. With ceramide which stops moisture evaporation of skin and enhances barrier function. Established water retention + elasticity skin care aiming at the synergistic effect of collagen leading to firm skin. It's a prescription that's gentle on the skin and can be used by individuals with sensitive skin. How to use: After washing the face of yours, take a suitable amount (500 yen coin size) upon your cotton or palm and lightly put it on to the skin of yours. Pack Size - 180ml

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