Cleartune Clearup Lotion Refill 180Ml

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Alcohol free. Particular about alcohol free, that can be utilized by those who do not install the epidermis. To clean skin with wiping and moisturizing. Wipe moisturizing product that leads to clean bare skin while protecting moisture from skin brand Cleartune that is concerned about pores and keratin that are worrisome with easy 2 step of take out + give. By simply wiping with cotton, wipe off and moisturize extra keratin and pores that cause various skin issues and hydrate the skin making it clear and bright. Way to dullness & pore dirt with W power. Has 2 hydrating ingredients with high hydrating and also keratin care consequences. Leads to clear skin. Contains vitamin C derivative / lactic acid bacteria extract. was included by ebrico extract. Gentle and friction-free on the skin. Cushioned liquid reduces friction caused by wiping.

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