Je Laime Amino Relaxation Shampoo 360Ml 3 Types

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Relaxing fruity floral scent. Smooth and airy: Reinforces the locks cuticles, and bounces out of the roots to the hair. Reinforces the cuticles that tend to be petan and soft, and also coming from the roots to the bouncing hair. Wash luxuriously with a great deal of foam making smooth hair very soft & smooth. Moist and soft: Repair the cuticle and survive into a solid locks. Repair hard cuticles that tend to be rigid and have a soft, cozy hair. Gently wash with soft foam to create your hard hair very soft & smooth. Straight and Sleek: Protects the hair follicle and also makes it cozy and light. Protects cuticles that often enlarge as well as spreads gently into the hair. Moistly rinse with foam & make undulating hair sleek and straight. How to use: After wetting the skin and the locks. Take a suitable amount, clean it like a rub of the epidermis while lathering, and wash off effectively.

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