Mylash Advance Mascara Jet Black

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Naturally stretch the idea of the hair without sewing: Instead of senbe, nano sized dust particles are compounded. Particles makes the idea of the eyelashes sweep away, hence presence is improved although it's not blended with sen. It's as delicate as eyelashes have stretched as it's, with eyelashes standing away one by one, the impression of eyes is upgraded very much. Catch the eyelashes to the end: Easy to paint, easy thin brush. It's an easy-to-use and slim brush, a brush penetrates much into the base of the lashes, getting the reduced eyelashes and the short hairs, even to the sides. Separate each 1 coming from the root, making it a beautiful finish with no bundles. Easily removed by hot water. How you can use: Put the brush from the base of the eyelash and attach it so it could be lifted upward. Rather than connecting it to zigzag, attach it so as to combine one by a single. When removing, rinse gently with lukewarm water. Gently turn off with a tissue in case the brush has too much fluid.

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