Kiss Me Ferme Eyebrow Coat 5Ml

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Transparent eyebrow coat that can be applied quickly from above the eyebrows makeup. If perhaps you use a single layer on the eyebrow makeup, coat the painted eyebrows making it tough to go away. Natural finish. Keep the eyebrow makeup of yours while not changing the eyebrow color. Waterproof type which is resistant to rubbing and sebum and doesn't quickly fall into water or sweat. Quick-dry type which dries quickly. Has eyebrows care ingredients for tender skin and eyebrows. Hydrating ingredients: ginseng root extract, panthenol, silk extract. Easy to paint flat brush type. How you can use: Draw eyebrows with the own eyebrow of yours. Use a small quantity of eyebrow coat on the eyebrows. Apply on the flow of the eyebrows, and apply a little brushing on hairy parts. In case you apply it with rubbing or touch it prior to it dries, the painted eyebrows of yours may smudge. Package Size - 5ml

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